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Love Me… Love My Horse, and Build Me This

I’m confident not many other husbands received this email today…

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A Pig in a Poke

Pot Pie’s a wishin’ he’d checked the bag a little more thoroughly… never know what they’re pawning off on you these days. A pig goes into the Western Union. It goes up to the counter, picks up a slip, runs over … Continue reading

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Possum and the New Wine Skin

“Pot Pie!!!” Easter eggs were everywhere! No… literally everywhere! Actually… Easter egg shells were everywhere! The eggs? Hmmm… Possum looked suspiciously around, then thought, “Rain!” “Yeah, Who else?” But Karin chimed in, “I don’t think so, Pot Pie!” “Maybe that ol’ cat … Continue reading

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Pot Pie’s Wascally Wrench Wemlin Woes

“Give me back my wrench!” Pot Pie knew this was a job for more than any ordinary hound, so he dove into the algae infested end of the pond, struggled into his tights, and emerged as… the Green Possum! Great He thought, … Continue reading

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Getting Along Little Doggies

What can you learn from a calf and a pig? Possibly more than we care to admit. Maybe, that being different doesn’t negate … [fill in the blank] Courtesy of my wife’s menagerie.

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