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Does it Really Matter if Jesus is God?

How would you respond to the question in title? Does it really matter if Jesus is God? We’ve been blessed recently with comments from a reader with very different opinions about Jesus and His relationship with the Father from that which we … Continue reading

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Seeing Dad in the Mirror

One of the many things that brings great pleasure in my life is when someone recognizes the resemblance between my son and me. I guess it’s just a father thing, but it gives me a good feeling to know that … Continue reading

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Well… which well?

If you’ve missed the last couple of posts, then this title makes no sense… but then you’re probably thinking the author of this blog rarely makes sense (nothing new under the sun)! Summing up much in a nutshell, how do … Continue reading

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all they really need to see

 He slips into church and he puts up his guard; They look so happy but his life’s been so hard… He keeps his distance so they won’t… see… the… scars; …God sent his only Son into the world, so that … Continue reading

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