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They Call Me Trinity

Yes, I’m well aware of what you prepared yourself to find here. In reality, with a couple of clicks, you still will. In an answer to prayer, and in a slightly awkward revisiting of Mr. Revere’s famous ride, a Brit from across … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon in Diouloulou

Originally posted on ChristianBlessings:
It is about 4:00 in the afternoon so we realize that we need to eat with purpose so that we can get the dishes cleaned up before we leave. Our church is over a mile away…

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Drowning in Religion

Would you agree that we tend to be a religious bunch? That even on our best days, we still find ourselves embracing a self-rendered salvation, one that says, “Because I am good; God loves me.” One that alternately brings insecurity in our … Continue reading

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Feeling Like a Christian

“Put Me to the test,” says the Lord of hosts, “See if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need (Malachi 3:10).” J. S. Park, … Continue reading

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Where a Revolution Begins

We can pray with confidence for our kings who have limited authority because we know personally the King who has all authority. Where do revolutions begin? I was reminded yesterday evening that America’s began with a Great Awakening. A mass … Continue reading

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