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Wasted Lives

Hearing of her Uncle’s plan to move his entire family to Jerusalem where they would serve and minister through the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Jewish people, young Lottie Moon thought to herself, “If there was ever a single way to waste … Continue reading

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A Holy Ambition

Antsy: 1.Restless or impatient; fidgety: The long wait made the children antsy. 2.Nervous; apprehensive: “Camps got shot up all the time, but if there wasn’t a shoot-up, they’d get antsy” (Harper’s).  If this is an accurate description of how I … Continue reading

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A Little Misunderstanding (starring Hosanna)

(When I grow up, I want to be just like Hosanna! This is spectacular! Don’t forget to visit the Boyd gang at All Senegal for Christ) I am never really surprised by anything that Hosanna says because I have come … Continue reading

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