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Pondering the Pardon to an Interuption: O’ Hell, where is your victory?

If hell is a factual place of punishment as many Christians hold, should God then have warned Adam of eternal torment rather than death alone? As I tried to say farewell to the Older Testament (for this series) in a recent posting, ccragamuffin would have … Continue reading

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Presuming Upon Hell

Pardon me for the interruption, as by now, we were to be hearing from Jesus, of what He had to say on the topic of “hell and eternal punishment.” I considered bypassing this article altogether. I may yet wish I had. … Continue reading

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The Context of Hell

“What Jesus taught, what the prophets taught, what all of Jewish tradition pointed to and what Jesus lived in anticipation of, was the day when earth and heaven would be one. The day when God’s will would be done on … Continue reading

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When in Hell

Charles Spurgeon, of Hell, noted in his hour, “The doctrine of no punishment for any man is popular at this day, and threatens to have even greater sway in the future.” He was of course correct. Readily accessible now is the … Continue reading

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The Wrath of Hell

Have we done something to make our God angry? Do we find Him described in His Word as poised with sword in hand, ready to destroy us? Is He seen as one taking His vengeance on a traitorous community by … Continue reading

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