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When the Adversary Stands in the Doorway

Fear is crippling; it is an adversary that stands arrogantly lodged in the doorway of opportunity. As I hear my pastor speak of Paul’s disenchanted journey to Jerusalem, I am reminded that fear is defeated by a single nod of … Continue reading

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If Christ made me perfect, how come I continue to sin?

Now there’s a question that I’ve asked often and hear others ask regularly also. Graeme, our good friend at the place of mybroom, puts together a very well thought out approach to this question. He acknowledges, “Your spirit cannot sin, … Continue reading

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A Penetrating Glare

My wife has a special look. I know. That statement can be heard to mean several different things. And after many years of marriage, I am still infatuated by my wife and her appearance, but that’s not the look I’m … Continue reading

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Fill Er’ Up

Author: Cee Cee When you live in a rural area, you learn to always ask “I’m going into town, does anyone need anything?”  So it wasn’t unusual for one of The Little Darlings to ask if I would fill up … Continue reading

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all they really need to see

 He slips into church and he puts up his guard; They look so happy but his life’s been so hard… He keeps his distance so they won’t… see… the… scars; …God sent his only Son into the world, so that … Continue reading

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