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For All the Bloggers Who Could Use a Little Encouragement Today

Should I share how often I’ve thought it profitable to snatch my keyboard from its mother-host, and throw it into the cow pasture north of the big pond? How much more might the bulls do with the ‘letters form words’ … Continue reading

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A Word on Answering Your Comments

Pardon me for a spell as I’m kind of busy weeding through comments to determine whether they are legitimate or spam. Hey! You know what? Maybe you can help… Al Quran: Surah/Chapter 005 – Al-Mâ’idah. Verse 75. The Messiah, son … Continue reading

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Luther v. Osteen: Twitter Wars

Dr. Jim West, Zwinglius Redivivus, finds the coolest stuff! No wonder the master blogger has been given all rights as issuer of the famed Dilly Award. Folks, you’ll want to go experience for yourself the Twitter War between Mr.’s Joel and Martin … Continue reading

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Possum’s Foiled Swim Party

There’s nothing Pot Pie loves more than a dip in the water trough after a hard day of working cattle. He’s just not quite sure of swimming with a prehistoric bird. …especially one who ignores him. Related articles Pot Pie … Continue reading

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Multi Purpose Eyewear

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