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The De-Judaized State of Our Secularized Imagination

At the coaxing from a friend (think firm twist of arm here), what with my growing interest in seeing the significance of leaving the Bible as a single story finding its conclusion in the Christ, I am making my way … Continue reading

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The Bible Tells Me So, or not

What will we do if there are informational inaccuracies in that book we hold so dear? What if the Bible is not an instructional manual for the Christian life at all? What if it is instead a compilation of literature … Continue reading

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Conflict in the Strip

The conflict in Gaza is no doubt of interest to much of the world. In this seemingly endless aggression between Israel and Palestine, we find side-takers excitedly promoting their causes for one reason or another, some to the side of the … Continue reading

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Infidelity and the Runaway Bride

Hosea… it’s like him and Gomer have moved in over here at our place and they just refuse to go back home. Our Pastor has been working through this prophet’s work for some many weeks, and as we opened our Sunday School … Continue reading

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Tweeting Cease Fire?

Prayerful that this is true…

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