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The Ridiculous Idea

How often do we find ourselves offended through the course of a day; a single day? Our spouse, before coffee, mutters a statement sealed with a hiss. A fellow driver pulls out in front of us en route to work. … Continue reading

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A Bahamian Rhapsody

As we were blessed with the opportunity to travel around the Bahamas during the holidays, I was reminded once again of the privilege of residing in a land where most needs are met without exception. The economy on the islands … Continue reading

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Pot Pie’s Wild Ride

Well, it wasn’t really wild.  But he does love to ride.  Possum (Pot Pie) is our Jack Russell/ Blue Heeler combo.  Besides riding four wheelers, he likes to work cattle, swim in his pool, and watch Animal Planet.

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Penny for Your Thoughts

Ever wonder what goes through their minds?  Maybe, “What are you looking at, bub?”  More likely, “You do realize this is my water trough your wading in?”

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It’s Here…Somewhere

The conversation begins, “Honey, could you help me?”  After twenty-two years of marriage, I have learned the right response.  From another room in the house, I hear, “I need a pair of pliers!”  With this request, I already know what’s … Continue reading

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