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A Panegyric Upon Jesus

As I added a new word to my vocabulary today, this seemed the perfect fit… right?

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ChristianBlessings Lifts the Boyds

Our good friend at ChristianBlessings offers this encouraging message and prayer for Matt, Gayle, Ezra, Thea, and Hosanna. Will you join us in keeping them lifted before the Lord as we ask Him to save All Senegal for Christ? “I … Continue reading

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When Pastors Quote Spurgeon

It’s sort of like E.F. Hutton, only it’s C.H. Spurgeon. His name travels from the pastor’s mouth and ears perk up, eyes dilate… Our Pastor poured this jewel before us Sunday evening. “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws … Continue reading

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An Awfully Pretty Fine Mess

Life is filled with moments… stuff… where things seem to be out of place; illogical may be the term I search for… oh, maybe it’s best I just explain. My wife’s recent accident presents one of those times when ‘what … Continue reading

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Weebles Wobble and Jesus Returns

“I didn’t think, I never dreamed That I would be around to see it all come true Whoa-oh-oh I… Oh-oh-oh I…”* While the believers in Thessalonica were suffering and placing a greater emphasis on the next coming of Jesus than … Continue reading

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