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The Ridiculous Idea

How often do we find ourselves offended through the course of a day; a single day? Our spouse, before coffee, mutters a statement sealed with a hiss. A fellow driver pulls out in front of us en route to work. … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Who is this saint that we celebrate on February 14 with hearts and chocolate and candlelit dinners and greeting cards galore? Some scholarly individuals say that he was a priest executed on February 14 because he would not deny his … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

My wonderful wife shared this with me and I couldn’t resist passing it along… Blessings… mt

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[I know! I know! Let them who stole… steal no more! But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t resist snatching this from TC’s inbox… a special chocolate dipped nugget from cc… enjoy! (stealing on Valentine’s Day… sheesh! I’m … Continue reading

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When Adam Met Eve

It is written, in preparation for the coming of woman, that God caused a great sleep to come upon Adam. My wife points out, “You know, the Bible doesn’t record men ever being re-awakened.” She refers to my inability to find anything. … Continue reading

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