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Are Venus and Mars Alright Tonight?

Have you ever considered the possibility that when Christians disagree, an opportunity presents itself for a changed heart and mind? If you’re like me, as I feel many are, my first instinctive mode is defensive when someone challenges my imparted doctrine. Take … Continue reading

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Pondering the Pardon to an Interuption: O’ Hell, where is your victory?

If hell is a factual place of punishment as many Christians hold, should God then have warned Adam of eternal torment rather than death alone? As I tried to say farewell to the Older Testament (for this series) in a recent posting, ccragamuffin would have … Continue reading

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Reloading the Canon?

“Distractions” …some time ago I set out on a journey to better understand how we came to have the books that make up our New Testament. Having now chased enough rabbits with Alice, I hope to return to this effort. … Continue reading

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Loading the Canon (1)

“A. C. Sundberg’s popular definition of the canon is described as a list that is final, fixed, and closed. Possibly this works well as an end result, but does it fail to take into consideration that the Church functioned fully … Continue reading

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Who Loaded My Canon?

“The decision(s) to collect a group of chosen books and form a ‘Scripture,’ are all human decisions.” ~ James Barr Does this quote cause the hair on the back of your neck to rise slightly? Is Mr. Barr’s conclusion correct? … Continue reading

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