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Pondering the Pardon to an Interuption: O’ Hell, where is your victory?

If hell is a factual place of punishment as many Christians hold, should God then have warned Adam of eternal torment rather than death alone? As I tried to say farewell to the Older Testament (for this series) in a recent posting, ccragamuffin would have … Continue reading

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Presuming Upon Hell

Pardon me for the interruption, as by now, we were to be hearing from Jesus, of what He had to say on the topic of “hell and eternal punishment.” I considered bypassing this article altogether. I may yet wish I had. … Continue reading

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Loading the Canon (1)

“A. C. Sundberg’s popular definition of the canon is described as a list that is final, fixed, and closed. Possibly this works well as an end result, but does it fail to take into consideration that the Church functioned fully … Continue reading

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Who Loaded My Canon?

“The decision(s) to collect a group of chosen books and form a ‘Scripture,’ are all human decisions.” ~ James Barr Does this quote cause the hair on the back of your neck to rise slightly? Is Mr. Barr’s conclusion correct? … Continue reading

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