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How Just One Change Can Make All Of Life Better

Cozier is the contempt, anger justified, toward those who march to a differing tune than my own, those who would offend me. “modern me” An ad for a piece of literature finds its way into my inbox. I did not ask for it. No … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

My wonderful wife shared this with me and I couldn’t resist passing it along… Blessings… mt

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Promise Rings… but not at Macy’s

He was far removed from what most would have considered his prime. ‘Feeble’ and ‘out to pasture’ would be more likely descriptions of the aged old man. But he still clutched the promise. He was a much younger man when he first heard … Continue reading

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Making the Most of our Funerals

Solomon, known for his wisdom, came to the conclusion that funerals were more profitable to the living than the exciting moments associated with newborn babies and festive parties. What was his reasoning? Find out here at Christian Blessings. An interesting … Continue reading

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Awards, Awards, Awards…

Okay, it seems recognition and a show of my gratitude is in order. You are  gracious and generous… or you’re running out of links to send these awards to, and resorted to me. In either case, many thanks to you … Continue reading

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