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Luther’s Nail

Some things weigh more heavily, possibly unhealthily, upon my personal studies than others at times. I assume that burden is true for most. In a recent discussion, one where grace was extended by all sides, the statement was made by one party, “Of … Continue reading

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Catholics and Protestants and Vice Versa

 A most interesting phenomenon is Jess’ ability to house a mass of different flavorings over along the Watchtower. These flavorings consist of nearly every different contention that names itself Christianity, and yet, although the strife is evident, a sense of civility … Continue reading

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Blurry Lines in the Sand

With a vamped up effort to read everything ever written in tow, we set our sights on the ever elusive understanding of the dividing lines in the sand between Protestants, Catholics, the Orthodox, and etc., etc., etc. OO-ee! temperatures rise as … Continue reading

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US Protestants Lose Majority Status by Rachell Zoll

If the article itself isn’t eye-opening enough… the comments that follow tell the entire story. See the Yahoo article here.

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