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Catholics and Protestants and Vice Versa

 A most interesting phenomenon is Jess’ ability to house a mass of different flavorings over along the Watchtower. These flavorings consist of nearly every different contention that names itself Christianity, and yet, although the strife is evident, a sense of civility … Continue reading

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Free for a Revolution?

Imagine what it must have been like to hear those words. “You’re free!” No, I don’t speak here of a recent parolee experiencing life outside of prison walls after many years. Although the picture appropriately applies a similar feeling I’m … Continue reading

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Is it on a Wal-Mart Shelf?

So where do I get mine? My holy ambition, that is. Do they stock it at Wal-mart? Is it available online? A mail order catalog maybe? We could ask Paul where he attained his from, couldn’t we? Sure we could. … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Holy Ambition?

How does one respond to a question like, “Do you have a holy ambition?” Shucks; to be quite honest, I’m not really confident that I know what a holy ambition is. Thankfully, John Piper doesn’t ask the question without elaborating. … Continue reading

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