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Tebow Manequin Benched… again?

Lighten up FOX! Don’t they ever get tired of messing with this dude? I wonder… would all Christians be treated this way if we were as vocal about our faith as Tim? Just asking. Read the article here.

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Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones a Match Made in LoBow?

Okay… I’m jumping the gun here. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if the two have ever met, but at least one of the two has a desire to do so. Lolo Jones shared with Jay Leno her intentions of scheduling … Continue reading

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Giving In… My Post on Tim Tebow

By the time the game began, even the most aggressive antagonists were fearful of predicting his demise. When the game was over, analysts sighed in relief as the laws of physics, seemingly absent during much of the NFL season, once … Continue reading

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