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Why Has America Soured Toward Evangelicals?

In an article written by Morgan Lee published at The Christian Post, Tullian Tchividjian in interview format reveals why he believes America has soured toward evangelicals. The negative view held by Non-Evangelicals about Evangelicals, as reflected in a recent poll, … Continue reading

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Grace Will Get You Crucified?

They come out of the woodwork when you write of it. They challenge; some accuse. There is a great fear of this unconditional grace God gives… Revisiting the dinner party scene of Luke 7, think for a moment about the … Continue reading

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One Way Love

Two dear friends of mine recently reminded me of how fragile is this dividing line between “grace alone” and “grace a lot.” See Here. It will be grace-a-lot that our human nature loves to cling to, but providentially God knows … Continue reading

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